Case for Cross Border Ecommerce

Especially when an ecommerce business starts small, it is natural to focus on customers that are like the people on the founding team. So, if your motivation to get into ecommerce was to help moms like you find reliable, yet affordable, back to school products, then you are probably defining your customers in your own image. Individual founders, sometimes referred to as “solopreneurs,” are often limited by such thinking. But there is a whole world out there that wants to buy your products. Why deprive them of the opportunity?

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Ecommerce Startup

Every month, I come across a few dozen ecommerce businesses that are getting off the ground. The digital entrepreneurs setting up these businesses are supposed to be trendsetters who are altering the landscape of the retail industry. While I do see the occasional bright spark, most of them seem to be unimaginative, and wholly undifferentiated. This is a wishlist of what I would like to see in an ecommerce startup.

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Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Marketing departments are flooded with cowboys who operate from the gut – well more like shoot from the hip actually. The best marketing managers have traditionally been those who just knew how to market; probably they were born marketers. The huge volume of data created by your online store does away with the need for these clairvoyant marketing folk. Today you can let evidence drive your marketing strategy.

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Ecommerce Websites Force Customers to Register

This is one of those debates where all participants are of the opinion that their position is obviously right – a no-brainer. Also, everyone agrees that forced registrations are a leading cause of shopping cart abandonment. That should have caused ecommerce websites to abandon forced registrations, right? Wrong! Many ecommerce websites force registrations. And there are others who technically do not force registrations, but for all practical purposes they do.

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