Introduction to Payment Gateways

Virtually all e-commerce sites accept credit cards as their primary form of payment. To accept credit cards, you need a merchant account with a bank. A payment gateway is simply a service which connects your Web site with the bank. While there’s a bit more to it than that, in essence that’s all it is – a way to take payments online.

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Web Tools for Your Business Site or Blog

Every Web shop owner needs a little help now and again, especially when you want to boost your site’s functionality and visual appeal on a small budget.

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Open Source Ecommerce

Open-source ecommerce (OSC) programs are wonderful in theory: cheap or even free money -making programs ready for the taking. So why isn’t everyone an Internet millionaire?

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Launches Custom Shops for Online Sellers

the online marketplace place where everyone is invited to shop or sell their way, has recently launched the Silkfair Custom Shop platform. This new e-commerce tool, according to the company, is designed to give sellers a way to quickly set-up a Web shop and customize it with their own branding.

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